The Nile Journey

Fostering meaningful ecological, social, and spiritual connections to facilitate the creation of a Nile Basin bioregion that nurtures Life Affirmation

Celebrating the women of Temsalet Kitchen, a Nile journey community hub

Temsalet Kitchen strives to live up to its name by being a model for the #SocialEnterpreunership model it implements to #empower #women from marginalized and underserved communities.

Nalubaale – Now Available!

In collaboration with Makouk, the Nile journeys present you, Nalubalee, a cooperative cardgame where players learn about the Nile ecosystem as they collect creatures of the Nile, create sets, and flip the map tiles as they sail down the river using magical items. Available here!

African New Year Dance

The workshop explores dance and movement as medicine inspired by African music and philosophy. We will explore our inner landscape through African Contemporary Dance and Movement Medicine in an immersive workshop. View photos here

Join us at the Ecovillage design on the Nile course, taking place from February 6th – March 7th, 2023. You will gain integrative design skills in ecology, economy, social and cultural aspects of sustainability. Apply now

Dr. Karambu (Community hub leader from Kenya) planting a tree at Fekra cultural Center, Egypt 2022

Community hubs

The NILE Journeys strives to nurture impulses that are at a grassroots level as springs of shared knowledge and wisdom and strive to fuel their community’s love while nurturing its dignity and well-being. While creating experiential and participatory learning spaces and illuminating positive narratives about Africa through projects and programs addressing youth, culture, permaculture, land regeneration, water, value chain integration, entrepreneurship development, and exchange.

The Nile journeys

The NILE journeys is a platform of the Nile basin communities working on regenerating the land, the river, and the society. The ultimate vision and dream of the NILE Journeys is of ‘a Nile Basin ecosystem that nurtures life-affirming actions’.

The NILE Journeys nurtures and connects community spaces across the region called Community Hubs.The hubs will create a network of experiential and participatory learning spaces transferring skills to their community members within and across hubs.

The Nile ecosystem

The Nile basin offers a rich pool of knowledge and experiences through which one can rediscover harmonious ways of living. Reviving and reconnecting with this wealth of knowledge is becoming all the more important especially due to population growth, increased demand for water, and climate change threatening the basin. 460 million people, over 3.2 million square kilometers, 11 countries, countless cultures, and rich traditions dating back millennia: the longest river in the world, the Nile, is a microcosm in its own right.


Our activity highlights

In the basin ecosystems that nurture life affirmation


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