The Nile journeys

The NILE Journeys is a regenerative platform that aspires to connect Nile citizens and communities in order to nurture life-affirming actions. The NILE in the name NILE Journeys refers not only to the Nile River but also to the energetic field of this majestic river. To this effect, the word NILE becomes an acronym for “Nurturing Impulses for Living Ecosystems”. The NILE Journeys creates and connects community spaces across the region, called Community Hubs. These will act as acupuncture points along the Nile for impact and regeneration of the social and ecological fields.

The NILE Journeys nurtures and connects community spaces across the region called Community Hubs. These will act as acupuncture points along the Nile for impact and regeneration of the social, cultural, and ecological fields. The hubs will create a network of experiential and participatory learning spaces transferring skills to their community members within and across hubs.

Our Values

Eskesta | እስክስታ

Agilitiy: We navigate complexity by staying present, listening deeply, sensing the flow, and therefore adapting swiftly to what is emerging.


Rootedness: We honour the sacredness of life by connecting with the land, nature and our ancestors, and embracing indigenous wisdom


Interdependence: We recognise our systemic connections and interrelations with all aspects of life, as essential elements of our ongoing learning and co-creation.


Integrity & authenticity: We live within us and on our collective journey what we want to manifest in the world, by embodying trust, honesty and openness, while engaging truthfully and genuinely.


Peace: We practice active hope, compassion and conflict transcendence to invite balance and abundance.


Diversity: We celebrate and embrace our different ways of being by striving to create supportive bridges across perceived boundaries.

El Mogren

Companionship: We tend to the quality of our relationships with curiosity, love and kindness, honouring the gift of each person.


Mindfulness : We stay present by practising patience, openness and establish deep connections, allowing us to sense what is to become

Nurturing Impulses for Living Ecosystems

The word NILE in our movements name ‘NILE Journeys‘ refers not only to the Nile River but and also to the energetic field of this majestic river. To this effect, the word NILE becomes an acronym for expressed in the abbreviation “Nurturing Impulses for Living Ecosystems”.

Vision: A Nile basin ecosystem that nurtureslife-affirming actions

Mission: The NILE Journeys nurtures life-affirming actions in the Nile bio-region, through participatory and experiential learning spaces rooted in indigenous knowledge and regenerative practices, for the inhabitants of the region and beyond. It seeks to illuminate multiple stories of the ecosystem, welcoming all stories, especially those untold or unattended, and gaining multiple perspectives.

What do we do?

Fostering meaningful ecological, social, and spiritual connections to facilitate the creation of a Nile Basin bio-region that nurtures Life Affirmation.

Utilizing theory U methodology for systemic interventions, and creating an informed analysis based on the iceberg model, digging to the deepest layers of assumptions and worldviews, the TOC of the Nile journeys is crafted to engage with a shift from a worldview of a divide in an ecological, social and spiritual aspect to a connected one.


Practice & Guiding Principles

To achieve the shared vision of nurturing life affirming actions, there are some guiding principles that the Nile Journeys adheres to. These practices are rooted in the ingenious knowledge and African wisdom and they are carefully curated to be inline with the aim of Nile journeys to create a safe space for dialogue, foster a culture of peace, enhance connectivity between citizens of the basin and nurture life affirming practices. The Nile Journey works to implement these guiding principles in the day to day operation of the organization as well as its broader functioning to embrace and embody the values.

The Nile Journeys believes these guiding principles will help in fostering the bold dream that the Nile journey carries. The Nile Journey hopes to be a living example of the life in these principles, paving the way for others to adopt these principles as well.

Being with the land

We treat land with respect, we regenerate and care for nature and honor all forms of life. We contribute to enhance Life on Land and Life below Water. We are conscious of our impact and act responsibly.

Witnessing the subtle

We take the time to slow down and allow ourselves to hear the voices and signals of all sentient beings and information of any corner of the system from the edge to the centre however small or big they may be. We trust that live surrounds us beyond that what our ears and eyes can perceives.

Listening loudly

We listen with an open mind and heart. We allow ourselves to engage in authentic relationships with each other and our surrounding. We are present to what is and approach each other and life with curiosity and humbleness.

Celebrating diversity

We see the beauty and wisdom in all different forms of life and invite the uniqueness of each one to cross pollinate the others. We embrace the African concept of Ubuntu: the belief in a deep universal bond of sharing that connects all beings.

Cultivating deep trust

Our human soil is rich in stories and experiences. In order to keep it alive, fertile and supportive for all trust is the nurturing conditions that we strive to foster at all times. We therefore give rise to environments where peace and fair practices can flourish for all.

Illuminating multiple stories

We welcome all stories that shape the history and heritage of a land, a person a community or an entire ecosystem. This allows us to gain multiple perspectives, also being mindful of what we might not be aware of.

Connecting trans-locally

By weaving across existing and perceived boundaries we strengthen our shared resilience and enable new narratives to emerge and new stories to be lived. We reconnect with each other and come into our shared humanity.

Transitioning collectively

We believe that the challenges we face can only be met with joint efforts. In order to transition regeneratively together we enable each other to be present, hold space for healing to emerge, welcoming the not knowing and tap into our collective wisdom.