Modeling & prototyping the society we want to live in COMMUNITY HUBS

The NILE Journeys nurtures and connects community spaces across the region called Community Hubs. These will act as acupuncture points along the Nile for impact and regeneration of the social, cultural, and ecological fields. The hubs will create a network of experiential and participatory learning spaces transferring skills to their community members within and across hubs. Stories emerging from these hubs will be documented to highlight positive narratives about the Nile basin and Africa to her citizens and beyond. This will be achieved through projects and programs addressing youth, culture, permaculture, land regeneration, water, value chain integration, entrepreneurship development, and exchange.

Our Community Hubs

Fili Coffee

Fili Coffee is a social café that serves its community by organizing events and training opportunities beyond specialty coffee to empower people to realize their ambitions.

Fekra Cultural Center

FEKRA functions as a cultural center promoting cultural exchange while working on regenerative practices like permaculture.

Temsalet Kitchen

The restaurant’s aim is to create work opportunities for women who require financial support due to different causes in their lives.

Tiriji Eco Center / International Peace Initiative

The International Peace Initiatives (IPI) vision is to promote cultures of peace by supporting sustainable initiatives that improve livelihoods and enhance people’s quality of life.

Rusinga Island Organic Farmers Association (RIOFA)

RIOFA is a social enterprise committed to being a model and a learning center for regenerative farming and business practices.